Status update

Yesterday I spent the entire day studying, mainly focusing on my project. I altered my script according to the feedback given to me by Alice. I also fixed the design with correct page numbering and such for the first half of my novel. As mentioned yesterday I also looked at the grading criteria and comparing myself to that. As you can guess I did get hold of Alice, but as she so kindly pointed out the final decisions are to be made by me. I have fixed a cover that I like and am going to use, I have decided on the page dividing the novel into two sections and I have come up with suggestions for the title of the novel. However, the latter still remains undecided. I tried to come up with something good using a guide I found, but I am still not sure that I like my options; Squatters out back or The grass is always greener on the other side. I think I’ll need to spend the weekend considering them both, seeing if one fits or I need to come up with something entirely different.

At the moment I am working on my essay for publishing. However, another question has appeared and will be brought up on Monday with Micheline. Should I include my somewhat informal essay on publishing in my printed novel (like at the end)? When I say somewhat informal I don’t mean that I’m not usual academic language, however, the structure is not the typical five paragraph essay. Also is it okay if I write it like that? I am also quite unsure about the required length and sourcing of my essay.

A reminding list of what to adress with Micheline:
– Should Alice’s feedback be posted on the blog?
– Should I publish the section on sourcing from my preface here?
– How long does the theoretical text or description of what will be presented and how need to be?
– Will what I say orally to Micheline affect my grade such as things we have discussed together?
– Does she agree with how I have graded myself? What can I do to improve?
– Should the essay on publishing be a piece of it’s own or be a part of my printed novel?
– What should I do about the presentation? Any suggestions?
– All the sources for images in the novel have been published here on the blog, but should I add a list at the very end for this as well?

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